dustlands title


Australia, 2017. All high-profile and high-ranking politicians are assassinated within a 24 hour period. A terrorist group, calling themselves "APC" (Autonomous Peacekeeping Collective), claims responsibility. The following day, many schools, law-enforcment, media, and large corporations' offices in the major coastal cities are razed. Again, APC announces their involvement in the destruction.

Military bases lock-down and refuse entry or help to the people who plea for their assistance. The major cities become warzones, with the rioting population causing nearly as much devastation as the ongoing APC attacks on air and shipping ports and various other targets of economic significance.

Within weeks, APC has taken control of the airwaves and places a curfew on the Australian population. Anyone found out on the streets after dark is captured or executed. A major propaganda campaign commences, requesting the Australian people to liberate themselves from the corruption and contempt their government and law-enforcement bodies have demonstrated over the past decade, and rally to join APC's cause.

Swarms of people attempt to flee the major cities, many being trampled, shot, or captured in the process. With every town the people run to, they find the APC presence just as strong. Frantic citizens are forced to seek refuge inland, as by now the APC force has formed an almost complete ring of control around the Australian coastline.

Without sufficient water, food, or other supplies, many fall victim to the harsh desert climate. Others, however, manage to build shelters and track and hunt animals for water and food. Few even find board with aboriginal tribespeople, yet communication difficulties and cultural differences wear these relations thin.

While APC forces do not often venture into the dustlands, the Australian people's new home, any signs of habitation found during patrols are destroyed along with the occupants.

Exhausted, yet determined individuals set out into the unknown, in search of others and the hope of one day joining with them to reclaim their homeland.